Catch Alpha with our analytics
Searching for promising Web 3.0 projects in
the market?
Unlike the traditional venture approach, LazyScout scoring services provide you with two things: general insights on project metrics and a benchmark comparison. This significantly increases the success rate of investments or assessments.
Find how much
Alpha there is inside the project
LazyScout makes portfolio updates easier: our engine parces data from different sources, delivering it to you. In a click.
Updating your
Web 3.0 portfolio metrics has never been easier.
Never get confused by our lesser algorithmic brothers
We strengthen our automated assessing services with a manual procedure, delivered by our expert team.
You are not alone entering the Web 3.0 market
LazyScout team has united investors, advisors and tech experts with over 110+ projects in portfolio. Experience is shared in a convenient report form.
Co-founder & CEO
Vsevolod Michalevsky
Vladimir Lavinda
Meet our experts
OnGrid Systems
10+ years in development of decentralized protocols.
60+ projects in blockchain, including contribution to development of a unicorn project
6 years in investment management
250+ projects delivered and
30+ big deals closed
$210 mln deals prepared
Helped 4 venture funds to better their scoring models
I2BF Global Ventures
Pawel Miasnikov
Consulting Agency
founder & CEO
Blockchain data analyst
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Web3-native scouting & scoring services.
We conduct a research on frameworks & benchmarks of web3 investors. Could you, please, fill in the form, and we will provide you back with insights.
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